We know how important uninterrupted operation is for our Customers. Unexpected downtime caused by failure is always bad for investment. Sometimes downtime caused by the failure of a single machine can hold up the work of several dozen people, and this can dramatically increase the cost of the construction. However, in the case of mines, steel mills or heat and power plants, operation of an entire plant could be held up due to lack of availability of, for instance, a loading vehicle.

Understanding the need for swift response to any unforeseen circumstances, HYDROSPRZĘT has created a fleet of specially equipped service vehicles to reduce to a minimum the time required for repair.

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Our service cars can reach machines in all parts of the country within a few hours. The interior of each car is a well-equipped mobile workshop, which, depending on needs, is retrofitted with additional tools necessary to control greases, oils and spare parts.

Service cars allow us to carry out repair work in the following areas: power hydraulics, internal combustion engines, electrical systems, drive systems, wheels and steering systems, installation and maintenance of air conditioning, tyre servicing, welding and flame cutting, welding and boring holes, repair of work tools.

Additionally, if transport of a larger quantity of spare parts is required, there are two larger cars available, one of which is equipped with an HDS lift crane and a mobile set of jacks, enabling repair work of the undercarriage to be performed in the field..

In exceptional situations, when onsite repair is not possible, our service is aided by special lorries of HYDROTRANS, with whom we closely cooperate. The lorries are adapted for oversize transport. Having a license to transport non-standard loads, they can carry machines from the work place to the repair depot, and replacement machinery may be delivered to you whilst your machine is being repaired..

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